Whether you are looking to renovate an existing restaurant or build from the bottom up, we at Jeff Grochowski Architects and Interiors will be with you from A to Z.

Tackling a renovation to make a restaurant better aesthetically as well as functionally expectable can be a mammoth task, not to mention revamping a restaurant shell into something completely new.

There are a few aspects to consider when deciding to go down either of these routes:

  • Type - Understand and know the type of restaurant you are going to create, whether it be a diner, a sitdown formal arrangement, a take-away, a pub, coffee shop or self-service operation
  • Have a clear vision of the “front and back of the house” set up
  • Location – Location is ultimately important even before you consider renovating or building a new restaurant
  • Floor Plan – movability, functionality and amount of seats you wish to cater for
  • Permits – know what permits and licences you need, from liquor to a music licences and food to occupancy permits
  • Music – do you intend to play music, have a live band or singer; or have a dance floor?
  • Technology – decide what you will be using and ensure that all cabling, wiring and Wi-Fi connections have been considered upfront
  • Competition – look at surrounding restaurants – What are they doing differently? How can you do better that and claim a piece of the pie?
  • Equipment and Supplies – take into account the type and size of equipment that you want so that the floor plan can be accommodated accordingly. In addition, store room space for your supplies
  • Budget – last but not least by any means – know what your budget is and try stick to it as best as you can.

As you can see, there is much to think about before embarking on this exciting adventure of opening up your own restaurant. We, at Jeff Grochowski would like to help you take these steps towards a fulfilling and rewarding business.

Bring your ideas to us and we will use our expertise and years of experience to hold your hand one brick at a time.

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