When it comes to building any structure that falls under the educational banner, whether it be a school, a college, dormitories or laboratories, there can be reams and reams of red tape to get through.

With many years and experience in this field of building, Jeff Grochowski Architects and Interiors can safely assure you that we know our stuff when it comes to designing educational structures.

We focus on eco-friendly platforms that will see the future of education looking rich and green. In addition, we believe an aesthetically attractive and modern structure will appeal and sustain in the long run.

A facility that caters to diverse and varied platforms needs to have a certain look and feel to it. We, at Jeff Grochowski Architects, have extensive experience with designing architecture for many educational arms. By creating spaces where teachers, lecturers, students and administrators can all work efficiently and effectively together takes a certain kind of skill.

We pride ourselves on being able to visualize those spaces and interpret what our clients want as an end result. Sometimes you don’t quite know but have an idea. We love to take your ideas and mould them into a project worthy to put our stamp on.

Another aspect we take into account when tackling a learning facility is that education changes yearly and a building needs to keep up with these changes. The ‘persona’ of the school or college also needs to shine through, in terms of makeup, location and style. How do you want the community and the greater population to view the new structure going forward?

Shared spaces within educational facilities are very important. These help to utilize areas to their best and not have wasted spaces just accumulating dust. The technological side is paramount and ensuring sufficient wiring, cabling and plug points are available will make life that much easier.

Another aspect to consider is the eco-friendly nature that one wants to bring into the building. How will the build impact on the environment and is there an element of sustainability. In addition, security and safety are on the top of our list when addressing an educational platform.

So, when you are considering any structure in the educational field, think Jeff Grochowski Architects and Interiors.

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